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The Academies

From Year 3 onward, students are allocated to 7 different 'clinical academies'. These are essentially clinical placements where you will be attached to a hospital (yes, you get a NHS lanyard and ID card #almostadoctor ).


You will receive teaching from doctors called clinical teaching fellows. They are really quite friendly and their job is to guide, assess and take care of you in general throughout the placement. If you have concerns about medicine or life in general they will often be happy to have a chat!

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Bristol Placements

 > North Bristol (Southmead)

 > South Bristol (BRI)


 > Bath

 > Gloucester

 > Swindon

 > Tauton/Somerset

 > Weston

 > Yeovil

When do I find out about my placements?

Usually the list is published around December of 2nd Year. You won't have to rotate through all 7 academies in one year! Often students will have 2 academies, one of which is a Bristol-based placement, e.g. Gloucester for 4-5 months, then South Bristol for the rest of the year.

Where will I live?

If your placement is in Bristol (South Bristol or North Bristol academy) then you will need to organise your own accommodation in Bristol. If you're in any of the other 'out-placements', then the academy will provide FREE accommodation in the respective locations. Many students keep a Bristol residence while on out-placements in case they wish to come back in the weekends to see friends or for central study days. 

For more information, check out the Medical School Website

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