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Yeovil District Hospital (YDH) is a fairly small district general compared to Taunton’s Musgrove Park Hospital. There are 2,200 staff, working to care for approximately 185,000 people, primarily in south Somerset, North and West Dorset and parts of Mendip. Per day: 20,000 emergency admissions, 3,500 elective admissions, and 18,000 day cases. More than 40,000 people attend A&E each year, the maternity department delivers nearly 2,000 babies, and the intensive care unit looks after many hundreds of people. The staff at the hospital are, on the whole, very approachable and willing to teach.

The academy is integrated within the main hospital. Library services are located next to the academy.



Yeovil is tricky to get to without a car – the most direct route is the A37 – this is mostly a single carriageway road and a result if you get stuck behind a lorry or tractor you’re stuck there for some time! Driving takes approximately 1.5 hours, it is recommended to share lifts to reduce the expense, and break up the monotony of the A37. Trains can take around 90 minutes.


Convamore – 2 minute walk from the hospital

  • The rooms are spacious and all have their own sink. The kitchens are slightly more dubious. Kitchens are quite basic and not particularly well supplied, make sure you take the basics: crockery, a sharp knife and a chopping board etc.

  • The big plus for Convamore, is that it is located 2 minutes’ walk from the wards. With such convenience, popping home for lunch was easy. The flats share one shower/ bath, and one toilet. Unlike Taunton, there is no bar or communal area, which is something of a downside.

  • Check before going…but you might want/need to take your own bedding and a LAN cable for internet, apart from that, most things are catered for or can be borrowed from one of the permanent tenants.

  • There is a communal TV room at the house.

Preston Road – 10-15 minute walk to hospital

  • What is provided: duvet/pillows/sheet/duvet covers/pillow cases (feel free to take your own if you wish) – only hand towels available so take your own bath towel! All beds are single. There are fully fitted kitchen with utensils and cutlery. Internet is available.



At Preston Road, this is shared with the permanent tenants, there are generally enough spaces and the parking is relatively safe. Don’t bother trying to park at the hospital site – it’s a tiny place and probably a lot of consultants don’t even have a space! It is only a few minutes walk to the hospital anyway! Parking behind the Convamore residence is sparse – it requires a parking permit, which can be obtained from the hospital reception.

Supermarkets and pubs
There is a large Tesco within a 10-minute walk from the accommodation. There is a Nuffield Health gym about half a mile from YDH – sometimes offering good discounts to medical students.
Yeovil doesn’t boast a great spread of nightlife, but there is an excellent Wetherspoons bar a similar distance from YDH. The Others are mostly in the centre.


“As a student I feel the staff were helpful and catered to our needs as and when we made requests. The organisation seems to be well put together with prompt responses to queries. It is great fun! ”

“It is rather far from Bristol but having only a few students there it is a great chance to learn and be taught. The admin staff are really helpful!”

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