You are never alone at university, however sometimes this might feel like the case. Galenicals runs a variety of programmes throughout the year to help with student support each other; these include Mum’s and Dad’s  (pastoral care for freshers by second year students), Colleges Welfare Rep System, and the Tutoring Scheme (peer-support for students re-sitting exams). We hope we can provide a good welfare system in conjunction with the Student Advice Service to offer ongoing and personalised support when required/for those in need of a little extra.


Medical students elect Year Representatives in addition to the main Committee. Your Galenicals Vice Presidents are your Welfare Reps, who meet regularly with these reps to ensure that your concerns are heard by the Medical School. We also represent the clinical years at monthly meetings with the Academy managers; these are an opportunity to communicate any issues that you might have regarding the academies.

'How are you today?'

In 2019, we are working to bring well-being into the limelight by encouraging students to talk openly about how they feel and reflect on their own mental and physical health. We are also in the process of discussing ways to tackling burnout amongst medical students with the faculty. You experiences and opinions are vital, so if you feel there's anything we can do at all to help make life easier, please don't hesitate to get in touch!