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Welfare Reps



Natasha McGowan - Year 3 

Welfare & Equalities Director 

Hi, I’m Natasha and I’m this year’s Welfare & Equalities Director! I was on placement in Southmead for the first term and will be in Gloucester from the end of January. In my spare time I love playing rugby and being part of Galenicals Choir!  If you would like some friendly support, a chat or signposting or other services please get in touch with myself, Bash or any of the welfare reps. You can contact any of our welfare reps, they don't need to be from your year group. 


Bashir Hamza - Year 2 

Colleges Director 




Ellie Harrison

Hello! My name is Ellie and I’m a first year student. Last year I did the Gateway to Medicine course at Bristol, and before that I taught English in Spain for a year! In my spare time I try not to let my Spanish language disappear completely, and still enjoy salsa dancing… although I do miss the Tortilla and Sangria!! 


Rency Likin



Alex Collins


Joshua Elsey 

Hi, I’m a second year student, currently most interested in a potential career in paediatrics. Away from medicine I play both football and cricket. 

Claire H.jpg

Claire Harris 



Maddy Padgett 

Hi, I’m Maddy. I’m currently on placement in Yeovil but will be in the BRI after Christmas. I like mornings, yoga and coffee and I am always up for a chat, not matter how big or small. 


Alessandro Poynton 


Alex Price 

Hi I'm Alex and I'm in 3rd year on placement at GWH and BRI! Over lockdown I got into baking and I'm currently working on the perfect brownie recipe for my flatmates! Super excited to be a part of the Welfare team and upcoming events! If you ever need a chat my messages are always open 


Stephen H_edited.jpg

Stephen Hodgson 

Hi, I’m Stephen one of the Redland College Welfare Reps! I’m currently intercalating in Clinical sciences between 3rd and 4th year. To relax I love playing hockey and meeting up with friends for a coffee/pint 


Aarti Jalan 


Xavier Leonard 

Ellie McN.jpg

Ellie McNally 

Georgia R_edited.jpg

Georgia Rowley 

Hi! My name is Georgia and I am one of the Cotham College Welfare Reps this year. I am currently intercalating in Clinical Sciences. Outside of medicine, I love to dance and I also enjoy taking part in body balance classes. 



Joanne Buckingham 

Josh D_edited.jpg

Josh Drinkwater 

Hannah C_edited.jpg

Hannah Cooney 


Kieran Howarth 

Hello! I’m Kieran and I’m really happy to be a Welfare Rep for Year 4. I’m currently on placement at St Michaels Hospital but will be in Gloucester after Christmas and in Southmead for 5th year. When not running late for ward rounds or clinics, I enjoy a lot of sport with a bit of an obsession on cycling and I attempt to play hockey for the Medic Hockey team. I also really love music and have been known to try to commandeer an aux, Bluetooth speaker or set of DJ decks at almost every available situation. 

Lulu K_edited.jpg

Lulu Kharas 

Hi, I’m Lulu and I’m a welfare rep for Whitehall college. I’m currently in 4th year and am on placement in Taunton and then Southmead for the second half of the year. When I have free time I love to paint and explore new places on runs and walks. Please get in touch if you ever want a chat! 



Max Shaw 

Hi there, I am a 5th year medical student on placement in Bath. In my spare time I enjoy running, playing the guitar and watching Leeds United win the premier league. 

Any questions or feedback? Please don't hesitate to contact the welfare director by emailing

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