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Arts in Medicine


Arts in Medicine

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We know that there is more to medicine than anatomy and physiology, but it doesn’t always feel that way. We know that medics are multifaceted people by necessity. (We wrote personal statements too). We also know that many medics – in pursuing a scientific career – have unfortunately felt the need to leave the arts behind. At Bristol University Arts in Medicine Society, we seek to cater to the polymath by cultivating the artist, historian, and philosopher in you. We organise talks about a variety of topics, trips to places of interest, and an annual exhibition in a local gallery where we showcase the work of our members and other students. If you have a love for art, literature, history, philosophy, music, film, or any other creative pursuit, we would love to meet you! Send us an email or come and visit us at Medics’ Freshers to get involved.

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The Black Bag


The Black Bag

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The Black Bag has been the Medical Student Magazine since 1937. Published twice every year, we are the voice of both students and alumni. Initially designed by the Faculty of Medicine as a scholastic publication, the Black Bag was taken over by students in the 1970s and replaced with a slightly less-polished perspective on the raucous life of medical students. Today, our articles range from the informative to the satirical, providing a platform for both thought-provoking discussion and comical musings. We look to reflect on the wide variety of Galenicals sub-societies (sports, music, drama) as well as to evaluate (and lampoon) the current state of the Bristol Medical School and the world of medicine. The Black Bag are always looking for contributors. If you are interested in writing for us or providing material, please email:

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BME Medics


BME Medics


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We are BME Medics - a group all about building a network among medical students of diverse ethnic backgrounds! We host a wide range of events throughout the year for all stundents to engage with; from chilled-out socials, to informative panel events about issues effecting minority ethnic communities, as well as everything in-between! Not only are we passionate about building community, we are very keen on educating people about BME healthcare matters which do not get covered on our curriculum, as well as reaching out into our local community and encouraging BAME students to consider medicine as a careerpath for them, whilst engaging in fun activities! To find out more about BME Medics and to get involved, log on to our website (, follow our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram (@BMEMedics) or send us an email ( We look forward to meeting you!

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Galenicals Choir

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Galenicals Choir is a group of enthusiastic medics that meet every Saturday to sing a wide range of music from classical to pop covers. We welcome everyone regardless of singing ability, so please come along and enjoy an hour of singing and a chat with tea and cake afterwards. Join our facebook group (Galenicals Choir) or email us if you have any questions!

Christian Medics


Christian Medical Fellowship

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The Christian Medical Fellowship unites and equips Christian doctors and nurses to live and speak for Jesus Christ. We were formed in 1949 and currently have over 4,000 UK doctors and around 800 UK medical students as members. The Bristol group comprises Christian medical students plus doctors. We meet to get to know each other across the five years of the medical school and pray together. We meet termly with the doctors for dinner and for the Human Journey (an ethics course which looks biblically at issues from life to death). We usually head to the Student Conference once a year.

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LGBT+ Health


Contact us: @LGBThealthUoB (Instagram and FaceBook)


LGBTQ+ Health, the Medical School's LGBTQ+ society, is an exciting and inclusive space aiming to teach and guide all Medical Students in becoming aware of the needs of the LGBTQ+ community in healthcare. We aspire to challenge prejudices, inspire activists and encourage respect for all members within the Medical School and wider community. We are also here to listen to and represent the needs of those from within the LGBTQ+ community at Medical School and we provide as much peer-to-peer support as possible. We offer teaching sessions on various aspects of LGBTQ+ health to all members of the Medical School and wider University community. We have an LGBTQ+ Medic Group Chat support system with LGBTQ+ Medics from all year groups present. This will be where we advertise the many socials planned for the year! If you would like to get involved or if you're interested in attending one of our events, please follow and give us a message on either our Facebook or Instagram @LGBThealthuob

Muslim Medics


Muslim Medics Bristol 


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Muslim Medics is a student-led society which endeavours to be guided by positive and inclusive values to create a sense of community amongst all medical students. Muslim Medics have been involved in hosting a variety of events during the past year encompassing both the academic and social sides of medicine. We ensure that students are supported throughout the demanding and simultaneously rewarding course! One of the main highlights from last year was our sell-out evening discussing paediatric healthcare in the UK and how students and healthcare professionals can get involved to help tackle these concerns and networking with professionals in the sector. We were very fortunate to have the CEO of Barnardo’s, Javed Khan and Dr David Grant (President of SESAM) attend and give fantastic insights into these issues. As a committee we recognise the importance of not only paving our chosen career pathways but also ensuring we are enjoying the process and having fun! You can therefore be sure to expect many entertaining and enjoyable social events where you will get to know peers from all years and backgrounds. We also have been heavily involved in supporting charitable causes such as our incubator appeal last year and successfully promote and campaign for better healthcare globally.

Medical Rewind


Medical Rewind (History of Medicine Society)


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So you've chosen Bristol Medical School and you've joined Galenicals, but have you ever wondered who Galen actually was? If you're not willing to let your school history studies become history themselves, then Medics Rewind is the society for you! Come and join us in our founding year as we journey back in time, bringing you new knowledge and all the gruesome details of medicine's gory past in the form of talks, film nights, pub quizzes and much much more. And if that's not enough, there will be exciting opportunities to join our committee and discover even more about the city you now call home. If this sounds right up your cobbled street, sign up at Medics Fresh or send us a messenger pigeon (via email), and get ready to hit rewind!



Galenical's Orchestra


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Galenical's Orchestra is a group of music loving medics who come together every Saturday to rehearse and perform a wide repertoire of music from Classical to Film Scores. We showcase our hard work at the Christmas Carol Concert as well as other performances throughout the year along with the choir. We are a relaxed group who welcome all abilities so please come along! Join our Facebook group (Galenical's Orchestra) or email us if you have any questions!

Peer to Peer Teaching


Peer to Peer Teaching (P2P)


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Bristol Peer 2 Peer Teaching is a student-led society that aims to support other medical students when revising core subjects and concepts in a relaxed environment; encouraging peer-to-peer education, as well as collaboration across all years of the medical school. Fostering skills which are outlined in GMC’s Outcomes for Graduates, such as leadership skills and professional development.

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Galenicals Theatre


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Wine Tasting


Bristol Medics' Wine Tasting Society


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Mature Medics


Mature Medics Society Bristol

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A group created for Mature medics (anyone starting the course aged 21 or over) studying at Bristol University. We all know how daunting it is to go back to studying as a mature student. We have all had second thoughts, especially knowing you're at a different point in your life compared to your potential peers and how it can become daunting. So fear not! we have created this community to help you meet and chat with other mature medics who have been in a similar position to you.

It will allow you to communicate but also mingle with students from across the years and allow you to have common ground but also get all the support needed which include words of wisdom but also health and well-being support! So come join us! Facebook: Official Bristol Mature Medics

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