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Galenicals prides itself in the way it embraces the social side of Medicine, no other society in Bristol hosts such a wide range of events. All year round the events directors host great events, from sophisticated balls and Christmas parties to parents nights out, so you can bond with your medic family. Our only goal is to ensure the doctors of tomorrow have fun today! 

This is one of the biggest events of the year with the entire medical school descending

on the bars of Bristol, it really is the best way to meet people from all of the different year

groups and is a perfect excuse for some fancy dress!

~ October ~ 

The medic bar crawl

Everyone will be paired up with second year “parents” who will host you for a very fun

evening (drinking and non-drinking options available) and will also be some friendly faces and a source of help and advice throughout the year.

Mums & Dads

~ November ~ 

A black-tie party for a night of festive fun to celebrate the end of first term

christmas party

~ December ~ 

Think Christmas Party but bigger, fancier, with fair ground rides and all your favourite

people – what’s not to love? January exams are out the way and everyone’s looking for an excuse to get dressed up again

spring ball

~ March ~ 
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