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Bristol University Breast Society

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The Bristol University Breast Society is your gateway into a career in BREAST. With a growing network of breast specialists/surgeons we are able to run teaching events (including OSCE sessions), career days, conferences, opportunities to get involved with clinical audits/posters and so much more! Joining the breast family is completely FREE and all of the skills that you can take away from BUBS are transferable to general surgical training too, so we really are open to everyone! Our main aim is to get you as excited about breast as we are and put you in a great position to get the jobs you want. We look forward to adding you to our team today!


University of Bristol Cardiology Society

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To help students in understanding what is involved in the specialty of Cardiology and to stimulate interest in pursuing this specialty as a career. Cardiology remains one of the largest specialties in hospital medicine and one of the most competitive ST3 jobs to apply for. As such, we believe it is important that Bristol students have Cardiology represented within the many academic societies offered by Galenicals. In Bristol, we are fortunate enough to study near one of the country’s finest Cardiology units, the Bristol Heart Institute. Therefore, Bristol students could easily benefit from teaching and advice from the Cardiologists who work there. We are responsible for running events pertinent to the field of Cardiology and running talks, teaching, events, fundraising etc.


University of Bristol Society for Anaesthetics & Critical Care

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Ever wondered what happens after you "panic call the anaesthetist" in your A-E sim? At UBSACC we focus entirely on this. We are an exciting society organising a variety of events including careers talks, practical workshops, simulation and experiences in areas such as critical care, pre-hospital medicine and many more. Anaesthetists are involved in all specialties and make up the largest fraction of hospital doctors. We are really excited for the year ahead so find us online or at Medic Fresh for a chat!



University of Bristol Dermatology Society

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The Bristol Dermatology Society is back and better than ever! We are a group of medics who are passionate about the skin - your body’s largest and fastest-growing organ. We want everyone to get involved in our events that will be held throughout the year. Join us if you want to learn more about common conditions, sun safety, and the life of a dermatologist... Keep an eye out for our stand at Medics Fresh, and our Facebook group



Bristol University Emergency Medicine Society (BUEMS)

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Thinking of a career in Emergency Medicine, Acute Medicine or Pre-Hospital Care, or are you just interested in learning key medical skills that will be valuable to any junior doctor? We are a large society that organise a variety of exciting and informative evening lectures, practical skills workshops, simulation and clinical experiences in the fields of Emergency and Pre-Hospital Medicine, Acute Medicine, Intensive Care and Anaesthetics.


Bristol Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery

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Hello, congratulations and welcome to Bristol! Like most of us, you probably have no idea what specialty you want to go into yet and that’s fine. Maybe you’re dead-set on something already - great! Regardless of the boat you’re in, medical school is the best opportunity to sample as many of the different specialties as you can. Cardiothoracic Surgery is an incredibly diverse and ever-evolving field and we’d love to be able to give you an insight into what it’s like. Even if you don’t fancy yourself as a heart surgeon, we’ll be running revision sessions, collaborative events with other societies and talks from surgeons with stories that put even the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ plot to shame. We hope to see you there! Find us on facebook, Instagram or drop us an email at if you want to get in touch.



Bristol GPSOC

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Join GPSoc to learn about all the opportunities a career in General Practice offers! We are a Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)-affiliated society which run events to inspire students and facilitate opportunities to network with GPs. We provide chances to practice and develop your clinical skills at our workshops. So, even if you're unsure, just curious or set on a career in general practice, join our society and take advantage of all the opportunities we have to offer.


Bristol MedTech

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With the dynamic nature of medicine, medical technologies are playing an increasing role in the future of healthcare. Bristol MedTech society is a group of students looking to use technology to solve problems in healthcare. We believe in innovation and by creating a platform to expose students to medical technologies, it will enrich their future careers. MedTech requires a multidisciplinary approach bringing together various fields along with cutting edge skills and knowledge to solve the growing problems in the healthcare sector. We aim to expand and deepen your interest with coding events, 3D printing workshops and amazing speakers. In the past, we have had speakers from MedTech companies, presented at a MedTech conference and held events such as a 3D printing workshop and coding in Python. Bristol MedTech believes in creating a space for enterprise and ideas as well as educating and inspiring students from any background. If you want to make a difference and perhaps one day improve the lives of millions or billions of people, join our society! Keep up to date with events on our Facebook page @bristolmedtech.



Bristol University Neuro Society (BUNS)

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BUNS embodies all things neuro! This includes neurosurgery, clinical neurology and neuroscience. We aim to increase awareness and accessibility to these career pathways. Our new collaboration with the neuroscience society allows for exciting new prospects concerning academic medicine. We look to provide opportunities for poster presentations, eSSC projects, networking and neuro tutoring for years 1-3. We are hosting the first of several neurosurgical workshops this November for those who are keen!




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Nutritank is an information and innovation hub for food, nutrition and lifestyle medicine. Empowering young people and communities to make a change. Founded by two current medical students, our focus is medical education. Nutrisoc is Nutritank’s university society branch, and we aim to promote the need for greater nutrition and lifestyle medicine training within medical education. Look forward to interesting and engaging talks, workshops and courses throughout the year, such as Healthy Cooking, Giving patients lifestyle advice, or latest groundbreaking research on the health impacts of various diets and lifestyle practises.



Bristol Obstetrics & GynaecologySociety (BOGS)


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If you are intrigued about what the world of Obstetrics and Gynaecology have to offer than make sure to join our society. We host multiple events across this year from interesting talks surrounding Women's health to discussions with Doctors in the field on how to enter a career in O&G. We also run lots of fun charity events across the year for our chosen Bristol charity as well as those crucial revision workshops for those in the older years who want to develop their skills before exams. Make sure to come along to our stall at Medics Fresh for a chat and a cake!



One Health Bristol


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Want to know how a bat at a wet market in China caused a global pandemic? Worried about the future of food sustainability in an ever-changing planet? Or just want to beat some vet students at a pub quiz? One Health is the collaboration of human, animal, and environmental health experts to solve global problems at the human-animal-ecosystems interface. Many areas stand to gain from a more collaborative problem-solving approach, in particular food safety, antimicrobial resistance and zoonoses control (diseases such as rabies that can spread between animals and people). As a society, we run evening talks on a number of related topics, our aim is to improve communication of these issues between the health faculties and beyond! Find us at the freshers' fairs, follow us on Facebook or join for free on the SU website.



University of Bristol Ophthalmology Society


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We are the University of Bristol Ophthalmology society. If you are interested in ophthalmology as a career then this is the society for you! Throughout the year we will be holding various events ranging from revision teaching sessions, fundoscopy practice as well as helping you to prepare for the Duke Elder Examination. We LOOK forward to SEEING you all get involved with our society!



Bristol University Medics' Paediatric Society



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Think that good things come in small packages, patients included? You've come to the right place! We're BUMPS (Bristol University Medics' Paediatric Society), and we're here for anyone with an interest in Paediatrics, and working with children. Teddy Bear Hospital is a scheme that is run up and down the country, and we were incredibly excited to be able to re-start the society last year as a sub-society of BUMPS. We run Teddy Clinics across schools, brownies and scouts clubs in order to help children better understand the hospital environment and reduce any fears and anxieties they might have. Teddy Bear Hospital is a fun society with good volunteering opportunities and is great for anyone who enjoys working with children.



Palliative Medicine Society


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We are the palliative medicine society! We were a new society last year, but even in a short time we have done some very exciting things, including running a communication skills workshop with a retired palliative medicine consultant. We are looking to expand on this work in the coming year and would love to hear from anyone interested in opening up the conversation about death and dying!



University of Bristol Plastic Surgery Society


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Ever thought Plastics was just about those glamorous aesthetics? Think again! Plastic surgery is awarded very little attention in the Bristol Medical School undergraduate syllabus. Depending on which academy you are placed, you will receive more or less exposure to the speciality, with most receiving none. Thus, the purpose of the newly established UoB Plastics Soc is to ensure equal and fair exposure to Plastic Surgery to all students across all academies to raise awareness of Plastic Surgery as an extremely fascinating, varied, and rewarding career choice. Throughout the year, we’ll hold a local surgical conference, talks and lectures on plastic surgery (including career advice), as well as some surgical workshops! New committee members are still being recruited: if you’re interested in Plastic Surgery or surgery in general and want to get involved, we’d love to hear from you! Email



Bristol University Psychiatry Society



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Interested in learning more about mental health? Interested in a career in psychiatry? Interested in learning how to support yourself and/or someone else? Welcome to Bristol University Psychiatry Society (BUPS)! BUPS offers a range of events, including film nights, talks, workshops and festivals, where you can learn about these topics and much more.



Renal & Endocrine Society (REMS)


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Passionate about all things kidney and hormone related? Or simply interested in finding out more about these exciting specialities? Welcome to Bristol Renal and Endocrine Society (REMS)! Throughout the year we hold various talks, research opportunities, revision sessions and charity event nights so come and find us at Medics Fresh or follow us on Facebook to see how you can get involved!



Bristol Medical Research & Education Society



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At B-RES, we aim to introduce students to the exciting arena of academic medicine and medical education. This year, we hope to organise speakers and symposia on current academic research, as well as workshops and presentations about how to pursue a career in academia. We are proud to be working in collaboration with INSPIRE and the National Student Association of Academic Medicine (NSAMR), which will give students involved with the society the chance to present their own research and gain networking opportunities. 



Simulation Society


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In love with the crash bleep? Adore all things airway? Or just want to look really slick in Sim? Then SimSoc is for you! We run workshops throughout the year, featuring common simulated scenarios seen in specialties as diverse as emergency medicine, paediatrics and anaesthetics. We also host interactive sessions with doctors on the front line of pre-hospital medicine, run teaching sessions reviewing key areas of critical care… AND there’s a chance to perform on the world stage at a summer simulation conference! Sound good? Speak to one of our lovely people at medic fresh and follow the Facebook page for regular updates!


Social Prescribing


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What is social prescribing? It's the future of healthcare! It's about prescribing non-pharmacological approaches to patient's health and wellbeing needs. We are a new society looking for members to participate in our events, future research and help spreading the word of social prescribing. We will be holding numerous events within nursing homes, GP practices, schools with an aim for holistic approaches including other MDT professionals. We would love for you to join our society and get involved.



University of Bristol Surgical Society 



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SCRUBS is a surgical society aiming to give medical students a taste of a variety of surgical careers. We host a variety of events, including suturing workshops throughout the year as well as national conferences where students can present any research which they have carried out. As a society, we are passionate about providing students with a wide variety of exposure to different surgical specialties.



University of Bristol Trauma & Orthopaedics Society



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Bristol Ortho Soc is the University of Bristol Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery Society. Founded in 2015, our society aims to provide medical students with opportunities to engage more in the speciality as well as support them through their learning of musculoskeletal surgery. Each year we run a Careers Evening and National Research and Innovation in Orthopaedics Conference. In addition, this year we will be running regular small teaching sessions for pre-clinical and clinical years. We will be covering Anatomy, OSCE skills and common cases you may encounter as a junior doctor in your rotations. Keep an eye out for our highly attended conference which consists of a fully packed day of interesting talks, hands-on workshops and Portfolio/CV advice to help students start their career in Surgery as soon as possible. We also provide students with the opportunity for poster/podium presentations as well as the chance to win some prizes. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get a taste of what is required for you to be able to present at a National Conference and an insight into the excitement of a career in orthopaedics."



Tropical Medicine Society


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Malaria? Ebola? Dengue and more? Want to learn what it's all about and learn more about tropical disease? Have a desire to work abroad? TropSoc is the society for you! Our Tropical Medicine Society seeks to educate, raise awareness and help empower students with an interest in Tropical diseases. We will be running events focused on overseas career opportunities, educational events about those complicatedly named diseases ( we know) and also support for those wishing to carry out research. We would love you to join us, sign up and keep an eye out for some exciting events coming your way very soon, everybody welcome!



Urology Society


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We are on our third year as a society. With our previous years successful achievements in organizing our members to attend national conferences, and regional urology training courses we are proud to welcome new members to our society, where we will present you with many opportunities! This year, along with partnering with Prostate Cancer UK, we are excited to offer many prospects from tutorial sessions on urological topics, conferences, and to have an OSCE day on cases in Urology. With our partnership with Bristol Urological Institute we hope to get you an experience of the life as a urologist through taster days and a career day. We are looking forwards to welcoming you to our society, which will give you a better insight into the life, and career pathway as a urologist.



Bristol University Wilderness Medicine



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Did you know that it's possible to practice as a ski-doctor, responsible for the care and evacuation of patients from the mountains? Or that you can work as a dive-medic on deep-sea diving expeditions? Perhaps you can see yourself as the medic on standby for an ultra-marathon through the Gobi desert, or for a TV crew filming in the Amazon? Where people go, medicine must follow. Your medical degree will teach you all you need to know about practicing medicine in the hospital or primary care environment, but what about when you're outside your comfort zone? When you don't have all the equipment you need to support you? The Bristol University Wilderness Medicine Society works with students outside the standard curriculum, we want to get you exploring and practicing medicine in challenging environments. From physiology and first aid, to mountain rescue and evacuation, we'll help teach you the skills necessary to succeed in these roles and explore the potential career paths you may otherwise never know existed.


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