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The Welfare Team

Please don't suffer in silence - the welfare team is a brilliant port of call especially if you're not sure where to go for help. Also, bullying and workplace discrimination is an unacceptable occurrence, one which Galenicals take very seriously. If you ever experience hostility or abuse as a result of your race, gender, sexuality or appearance, please do flag it up and we can highlight the issue (anonymously if you wish).

Katie Hall

Preclinical Vice President

Julia Craggs

College Welfare Director

Haya Mohammed

Clinical Vice President

Bristol/Faculty Health Services

It is a well-known fact that doctors are one of the most likely groups of people to get ill, due to their hesitancy in recognising the problem and getting the appropriate treatment. It's worth registering with the Student Health Service in year 1 as they are familiar with student problems! The faculty also has a friendly team available to assist you through medical school.

Crisis & Emergency - CALL 999 

Faculty Contacts

  • Student advisors​​

  • Academic support - these professors are available for academic and welfare issues, you can book an appointment with them through your year administrative lead

    • David Morgan (year 1-2)​

    • Nicola Taylor (year 3-5)

Student Health Service 

Bristol Mental Health Crisis Team

Student Counselling

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