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Bath is the closest academy to Bristol and has a fantastic reputation for being a well run and friendly hospital.

The Royal United Hospital (RUH) is pretty big, with excellent opportunities to learn, whichever unit you are studying. All the staff are very friendly and welcoming, and the majority love having students around. Teaching location depends on what Unit you are studying, but the majority of the teaching will be delivered in the education centre (part of the hospital, and very close to the accommodation), where you can also find the library, the admin team, and the common room.


Majority of students drive to Bath, as it’s only about 12 miles from Bristol – quickest way via the A4 from Bristol centre. Off peak it’s about 30minutes but during rush hour you need to allow at least an hour if not more. An alternative route is via A431, which takes about 45 minutes whatever time of day you go.

Trains from Temple Meads are pretty regular – only take about 15 minutes. From the station in Bath it’s about a 15-minute cycle – warning it is uphill on the way to the RUH!

Some have cycled from Bristol to Bath – it’s actually pretty easy to cycle if you have the inclination, and takes 50ish minutes if you put a bit of effort in.


On-site hospital accommodation – you can roll out of bed 5 minutes before ward rounds and still be on time! The blocks are very similar to basic halls of residence standard – bed, desk, sink, and wardrobe. They are arranged into flats of 4-6 sharing a bathroom and kitchen and each block has a lounge with a TV and table.

They give you linen and blankets (not towels), it might be worth bringing your duvet, as you need about 15 blankets to keep warm in the winter. There’s always plenty of hot water and the showers are generally good.

The blocks have junior doctors, visiting staff and nurses in them so there is a mix although we get put together for the most part.


Most things are provided. Cutlery and crockery are supplied but its not the best – it may be worth bringing a sharp knife and a saucepan.


Library & Computers
24-hour access to the Education Centre with your swipe card that has lots of computers and a pretty well stocked library.


Mo Jacobs does have parking permits but that just gives you access to the grass behind the barrier instead of in front of it. Parking is tough on site but there is usually somewhere to park at the back behind Hillview Lodge or the primary school.


A 7-11pm Tesco is really close, walking out of the main entrance or behind the residences turn left and cross the road walk past the Weston café and it is on your left. (It does really good deals after 6pm!)

There is also a post office relatively close.

Social Club
Bath has its own social club open all day everyday. They have a TV, bar, ‘gym’ (more like home gym – its ok but don’t expect the works), skittles, squash and tennis courts, pool table and a swimming pool in winter months. You can go as a guest but it’s about £3 to join after which you get 50p off everything you book like squash courts. Swimming is £10 per month, its outdoors but its warm.
A pint of fosters is about £1.80 if I remember right so its pretty cheap and 100m from your bed and the education centre.
The payday party at the end of the month is held there and its worth going once you’ve gotten to know your SHO’s.


Both pretty old man pubs but if the social club is getting unexciting then either side of Somerfield is a pub. The one on the right has a beer garden but is a bit more expensive. They do a pretty good curry night though.

Places worth trying include: sub13, adventure café, haha bar, the assembly.


Bath centre
30 minutes walk to the centre but buses run every 10 minutes in the daytime from the hospital main entrance. Cabs home are about £6. Not recommended to drive to shops as parking is a nightmare – its 2 minutes on the bus.


“Bath was a great placement! Ok, so the accommodation isn’t great, but the brilliant and living in the beautiful city of Bath more than made up for it. The staff are incredibly friendly and it’s a very social academy to be in, with events planned by the academy staff. Bath’s great!”

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