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Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicities

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Galenicals represents many BAME medical students. We also recognise our duty as future doctors to treat patients of every race and ethnicity, without prejudice and without stigma. As a representative society, we recognise the systematic racism that affects the lives of all BAME people, and commit firmly to support them in the collective fight to end racism. The 2020-21 committee has made equality, diversity and inclusivity one of our priorities for the year, and we pledge that Galenicals will be both anti-racist and an ally for all BAME people.

Support for



We want to support our BAME students, and understand that they face unique challenges that white students will not. If you are a BAME student looking for support, please click the button below: 

Education for



We encourage all our non-BAME students to educate themselves about racism and its  systemic presence in healthcare. This page contains resources to help become  an ally.

Stories from



We know that many our of our BAME members have lived experience of racism. We want to use our platform to amplify their voices and share their stories, to remind us why we must be anti-racist.

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