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I missed Medic Fresh, can I still join a subsociety?

Of course! The best way to do this is find the contact details for the sub-society you want to join, e-mail them and ask to be put on the mailing list. You can find these details under the relevant 'Sub-societies' tab, e.g. for Medics Football, hover over the Sub-Societies tab, click Sports and scroll down to Medics Football

How do I go about setting up a new sub-society?

Yes - to do this you need to fill out Part A and B of the 'Gallenicals Affiliation for Societies' form. You will need 10 students interested in participating, and a committee with a President, Treasurer and Secretary.

I'm President of a sub-society. Do Galenicals offer funding to sub-societies?

Yes we do, please see complete the form requesting funds and we will get back to you!

What does affiliation mean?

Affiliating with Galenicals gives you access to unlimited advertisment for your events through us; financial support for your events; direct access to our sponsors; reduced pricing for a stall at Medic Fresh every year, amongst many more benefits.

Information about our sub-society is out-of-date. How do I change this?

Contact with the issue and we will endeavour to fix this ASAP.

If you have any questions about reaffiliation (or anything else to do with the running of your sub-society), please email