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CPR in Society (CPRiS)

President: Abby Wells

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CPR in Society (CPRiS) Bristol teaches valuable first aid skills in schools, youth clubs, Scouts, Brownies and various other organisations in Bristol. We are the Community Outreach Branch of RMD (resuscitation for medical disciplines). During sessions, student volunteers teach chest compressions, rescue breaths, the recovery position and dealing with bleeding and choking, using live demonstrations and manikins. Certificates are given out at the end of each session. To become a member, you must first be trained in teaching adult basic life support. As part of the new MB21 curriculum, all first-year medical students will be trained in basic life support with AED use by RMD Bristol in their first term of university. After which they are invited to join CPRiS. Older students from the MB16 course are provided with refresher training by CPRiS committee members at the BRI. We teach more than 200 people per year, and provide a wonderful opportunity to volunteer in medical school More information about how to sign up for training sessions on our Facebook page and by signing up to our mailing list. For more information, please email Please join our Facebook group for updates!


Bristol Friends of 

Médecins Sans Frontières

President: Katie Hall

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Bristol Friend of Médecins Sans Frontières AKA doctors without Borders, is a great society that organizes social fundraiser for MSF, and arranger great speaker nights from MSF volunteers; If you don`t know who MSF are they are: an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. MSF offers assistance to people based on need, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.



MedStart Bristol

President: Qi Qi Chen

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Run by medical students from the University of Bristol, MedStart Bristol aims to inspire school pupils from all backgrounds to consider a career in medicine, and support those interested with their applications. This involves several elements. Visits to local schools are used to encourage students to consider a medical career and help them with applications. Also, there’s an email mentoring scheme where they’re ‘buddied’ to a Bristol medical student, whom they can contact for advice or queries. We hold different events throughout the year including on general information, MMI practice and small group workshops to cover various aspects of the application process, from entry requirement and funding, to how to gain relevant work experience. We hope to make medicine much more accessible, a less daunting process and give pupils the best possible chance of pursuing this exciting career! If you are interested in joining us or have any questions at any time, please email



President: Liam Richards

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Meet-A-Medic is a charity working through the medical school where we go into primary schools and deliver talks to children of all ages. The children are always enthusiastic and full of questions making each session individual and lots of fun! The aim of delivering these talks is to encourage children to develop an interest in medicine and appreciate the importance of good health. It’s good practice for teaching and also a great thing to have on your CV!

Part of the Clifton Scientific Charity. Charity Number: 1086933



Moving Mountains Bristol

President: Francesca Adams

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Moving Mountains and University of Bristol students have been running free community medical clinics in the Nepali Himalayas annually since 2010. This year we'll be running these clinics in the beautiful Nepali Himalayas and stunning rural Western Kenya. These volunteering opportunities involve travel into the remote Himalayan foothills or the rural setting of Nyanza Province in Western Kenya with Moving Mountains Trust to help set up and run medical and dental clinics. The trips offer a unique and fascinating insight into rural healthcare and many people opt to combine this with further travel in Nepal and South East Asia or East Africa. The trips are open to any year of the medical and dental schools and are an incredible opportunity to experience healthcare in a rural setting, helping to register patients, take vital obs, assist in the pharmacy as well as putting any clinical skills learnt into practice with the Nepalese and Kenyan doctors and dentists. 



President: Beth Birkbeck & Tom Greenslade

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Sexpression UK is a student-led independent charity that empowers young people to make decisions about sex and relationships by running informal and comprehensive sex and relationship education in the local community. At Sexpression Bristol we train up our volunteers to go into local Secondary Schools and teach about topics ranging from STIs, contraception, consent to sexuality and gender identity. We are a group of friendly and open minded people looking for volunteers that are as enthusiastic about safe sex as we are.


Presidents: Gus Mensah

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We are part of a national charity of volunteer medical students who teach at-risk Young People CPR & Haemorrhage control. We teach in various settings (e.g. PRUs, Youth Offending Centres, Community Centres, Secure Units, etc.)



Presidents: Hannah Sutton and Antonis Tofias

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Students for Global Health recognises that we, as students of today, are critical in bringing about an equitable and healthy world of tomorrow. Joining SfGH will allow you to make a difference in the fight against the huge injustices of global health inequity and strive towards our utopian vision of ‘a fair and just world in which equity in health is a reality for all’. If you have an interest in global health and international development, SfGH is for you! Membership is free and gives you entry to all of our events, the chance to attend global health conferences, and involvement in any of our affiliated charities. Please join our Facebook group, Students for Global Health Bristol, to keep up to date with all the Medsin news and events!




Presidents: Hannah Sutton and Lucy Matthews

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Teddy Bear Hospital is a scheme run across the country and BUMPS are so excited to be joining this community offering Teddy Clinics to schools and clubs such as Brownies and Scouts around Bristol. Throughout the year we will run fun-filled Teddy clinics packed with activities that introduce children to the sorts of things that they can expect in a medical environment, what we do as medics, and how they can look after themselves, all whilst using their very own poorly teddies. Our aim is to help reduce the nerves and anxiety that children often feel when put in a medical environment. Please like our Facebook page, Teddy Bear Hospital Bristol for all of the up to date information and any questions please just message us or email

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