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CPR in Society (CPRiS)

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CPR in Society (CPRiS) Bristol teaches valuable first aid skills in schools, youth clubs, Scouts, Brownies and various other organisations in Bristol. We are the Community Outreach Branch of RMD (resuscitation for medical disciplines). During sessions, student volunteers teach chest compressions, rescue breaths, the recovery position and dealing with bleeding and choking, using live demonstrations and manikins. Certificates are given out at the end of each session. To become a member, you must first be trained in teaching adult basic life support. As part of the new MB21 curriculum, all first-year medical students will be trained in basic life support with AED use by RMD Bristol in their first term of university. After which they are invited to join CPRiS. We teach more than 200 people per year, and provide a wonderful opportunity to volunteer in medical school More information about how to sign up for training sessions on our Facebook page and by signing up to our mailing list. For more information, please email Please join our Facebook group for updates! 



Bristol Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières

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Bristol Friends of MSF is part of the official student organisation for Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF), an independent international humanitarian aid charity which provides medical aid where it is most needed. Bristol FoMSF is committed to raising awareness of MSF’s work and to fundraising for ongoing and future MSF projects. From talks by those who have returned from MSF missions, to debates, film screenings and various fundraising events, all of our work revolves around the theme of humanitarian aid. Here at Bristol Friends of MSF, we want YOU to join us in supporting MSF’s cause. Global healthcare cannot be realised without global input. Come along and join us! 



MedStart Bristol

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MedStart is a student run charity helping local high school students interested in applying for Medicine. We aim to help those who do not have as much support applying and to increase awareness of Medicine as a career option. Our main goal is to make Medicine more accessible and open to all and hope to do so via our mentoring scheme, interview evenings, application evenings and school visits.




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Meet-A-Medic is a charity that works through the medical school where we visit primary schools to deliver talks to children of all ages. The children are always enthusiastic and full of questions, making each session individual and lots of fun! From the use of X-rays to stethoscopes, the aim of delivering these sessions is to encourage children to develop an interest in medicine and appreciate the importance of good health. It’s good practice for teaching and also a great thing to have on your CV!



Bristol Sexpression


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Sexpression:UK is a charity which provides peer-led sex education schemes in schools, academies, youth groups and the local community. The volunteers in the Bristol Branch are predominantly University of Bristol Medical students or students with an interest in teaching sex education. We provide comprehensive and inclusive sex and relationship education primarily within secondary schools in the local bristol area. In addition to our peer-led sessions, we organise fundraising and advocacy events in relation to Sexpression's core values around the university and local areas. So, if you're as passionate about safe sex as we are and aren't afraid to get stuck into some glamorous condom demonstrations then get involved and join our lovely team of open-minded volunteers. To get stuck in and heading off into schools it only requires attendance at our training day in October which will get you educated and prepped for teaching as well as covering all child protection training





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Join Street Doctors to work first-hand with today’s youth to teach first aid skills, with a focus on what to do when someone is bleeding and unconscious. Our aim is to end youth violence, empower young people and give them the confidence to be potential life savers in their local communities.



Bristol Students for Global Health


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Passionate about issues such as homelessness, the refugee crisis and climate change? Hopeful for a world where equality in health is a reality for us all, not just the chosen few? Bristol Students for Global Health is part of the national organisation Students for Global Health and international IFMSA, who believe in “a fair and just world in which equity in health is a reality for all”. It is a student network and registered charity tackling global and local health inequalities through education, advocacy and community action. We offer opportunities to get involved in national and international movements such as training and conferences. At a local level in Bristol, we organise events throughout the year to both raise awareness, act and fundraise for important local and global health issues.



GLOBAL HEALTH SHORTCOURSE: Attend these workshops to hear exciting speakers on these issues, take part in immediate action and for a chance to achieve a certificate in global health



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