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NHS Bursary

Many of you will have heard of the NHS Bursary. The NHS will fund medical students from their 5th year of study. This means if you're intercalating, you'll receive NHS bursary for your 5th and 6th year of study! This application process is straightforward and you will tend to receive an email remind you to apply around December of 4th Year. The NHS bursary covers your tuition fees for the year (paid directly to the university) and help with general living costs depending on your household income. 

For more information, visit the websites below:

NHS Practice Placement Expenses


If you receive the NHS bursary you are also eligible for NHS Practice Placement Expenses. This reimburses some extra travel costs and it even includes cycling! The completed forms should be sent to the year lead so they can check them and forward them on.

All the information and the application form can be found below, reading the instructions before completing the form is recommended.

NHS Hardship Fund


The NHS Hardship Fund is also available to help people out in exceptional circumstances and who have exhausted all other funding options, further information on this can be found here.

University Funding Schemes

Sometimes you can try your hardest to budget, but university life is just really incompatible with a healthy bank balance. If you're struggling, there are several financial aid schemes available at Bristol, such as the Bristol financial assistance fund. Check out the university funding website to find out more!

You can also apply to Bristol SU for the Activity Hardship Fund to cover society fees, so you should definitely join that club you've been eying up!


The Alumni Foundation can help out with funding for conferences or events with their general and travel grants, more information here.

Medical school funding


The medical school also contribute to costs of being on out placements. You can find more information and the online form for this on this on Blackboard. 

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