Year guides


MB16 course is rolling out, new students from 2017 onward should check out the MB21 guides here!


*The guide may be out of date*

Recently, year five has been rearranged so that finals exams are done in December, before you go away on elective. This means that 4th and 5th year essentially run into each other with only a month break in between. Modules in Medicine and Surgery (in more depth compared to 3rd year) prepare you for the final exams at the end of the year. Passing those – you’re free to go on your “elective!” This is 2 month period when you can go anywhere in the world to learn about a branch on medicine you have become interested in over the previous four years. Some take it easy, others choose to do lots and lots – the choice is up to you. After your elective, you return for your graduation ready to start as new doctors come August.