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BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) Medics is an organisation committed to improving diversity and inclusion in healthcare. The lack of BME representation can be felt in all aspects of Medicine, from medical education to clinical practice and legislation. Our organisation exists to inform and inspire, and to advocate for reform in the healthcare sector.  BME Medics Bristol has been set up to champion this work in the City of Bristol. We engage with students and staff at the University of Bristol and young people in local schools. Join us as we build community, inspire others, and raise awareness.

Key Objectives:

Creating spaces that allow students from BAME backgrounds to build relationships with other BAME students and professionals. Working alongside the University and Galenicals to improve the BAME student experience.

Build Community

Targeted outreach projects, to inspire young people from BAME backgrounds to apply to Medicine and equip them with the tools needed to succeed in their application. 

Inspire Others

Bringing into focus the inequalities that exist in medical education, clinical practice and legislation and the resultant impacts upon BAME health outcomes. Celebrating the contributions of BAME individuals to modern Medicine

Raise Awareness

Have your say!

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