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This advocacy group seeks to champion diversity within the MBChB curriculum. We hope that teaching surrounding diversity will be integrated into content taught throughout the course, providing an understanding of the ways ethnicity and race may influence the clinical presentation and prevalence of disease. We also aim to increase awareness of social issues affecting practice such as cultural bias and sensitivity, which is recognised in the GMC’s Outcomes for Graduates. Importantly, by providing an avenue for BAME students to work directly with the medical school, we hope that this work could help address the BAME attainment gap.

Key Objectives:

Decolonisation of the Medical School curriculum

Ensuring the Medical School demonstrates an active commitment to the BMA Race Equality Charter

Ensuring work is being done to eradicate the BAME award gap

Ensuring staff across the Medical School receive relevant training (i.e. unconscious bias training and bystander training)

Diversification of the student and staff demographic (incl. OSCE actors, CTFs)

Improving wellbeing support for BAME students

Ensuring BAME student voices are being heard and advocated for

Ensuring the incident reporting systems is improved and has greater visibility

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