BAME Education for White Allies

Thank you for coming to this page and taking the first step in becoming an anti-racist ally. By coming to this page, seeking information and education you are doing something we should all try to do more of: learning about racial injustice and systemic racism.


Whether a medical student or not, it is hugely important to be an anti-racist ally and call out discrimination wherever it is seen. In order to have sustained change, entire structures and ways of thinking need to be challenged in all sectors. The more allies we have, the quicker this critical process will be, and importantly, the fewer lives will be lost as a result.  

This page is devoted to educational resources in the healthcare sphere and is in no way encompassing of all the issues that the BAME community faces. We strongly encourage you to look more into Black History and the injustice that occurs in our criminal system.


The library have also compiled a great reading list to decolonise the medical curriculum which can be accessed here

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Medical schools must include BAME representation in clinical teaching

We call on the GMC to pass guidance requiring that course material in all medical schools must include ethnically diverse examples of case presentations - especially in clinically relevant instances where disease presentation differs between white and black and minority ethnic (BAME) patients...




Bristol SU: BME Attainment Gap Report