IntercalationAs a medical student you can intercalate an extra year in order to study for an Honours BSc degree. At present approximately 1/3 of medical students have the opportunity to intercalate. Most often people intercalate at the end of year 2 and exceptionally at the end of year 3.

A number of subjects are on offer to medics and these are constantly changing. For up to date information on the subjects offered contact the Pre-clinical Curriculum Office. Be aware that you may also intercalate at other Universities in exceptional circumstances, but remember to liase with academic staff and plan ahead!

Should I or shouldn’t I intercalate?

Deciding whether to intercalate or not is often the most difficult decision that you have to make during medical school. The following tips will help you in reaching the right decision for you:

  • Talk to past and present intercalators – there is no substitute for talking to as many people as possible – this way you’ll get an unbiased cross-section of opinion. To find out how many mornings off you’ll get each week, whether Friday afternoons are free or whether you’d be up all night cramming to meet your next essay deadline speak to the students, they’ll tell you what you really need to know.
  • Talk to University academic staff – to find out the ins and outs of subject matter, past exam results, expectations and entry requirements. Also, they may be able to make you aware of medical student bursaries that exist in some subjects!
  • Talk to your parents! They’re the ones with the money!
  • If you still don’t know – toss a coin, OR click the links below and read what past and present intercalators have to say. Reports are 100% impartial and tell you about the good, the bad and the ugly in each subject.

For further information, contact the current Foundation VP at [email protected]

Intercalated Degrees available

  • Genomic Medicine
  • Global Health
  • Health Sciences
  • Health Sciences Research (MRes)
  • Medical Humanities (BA)
  • Medical Microbiology

Intercalation Outside of Bristol

That’s right…you can do it. Get in contact with the Faculty Office, as it is a rather exceptional and individual process.