Medical school is long and expensive, so it’s always useful to make or save a bit of money here and there. Money 4 Med Students is great website to help you with your finances. Otherwise keep an eye out for these other ways to save money:


Both the medical school and a number of separate organisations offer prizes for various subjects, which can be applied for by students. Keep an eye out for these in the Galenicals newsletter and on the website.

A range of regular and one-off prizes are available from the Faculty, as well as external organisations. We are currently seeking information on yearly prizes, but for full list of prizes, please refer to your Year Handbooks, which contain all prizes awarded for that year.


As well as various bursaries from the university, medics are entitled to apply for an NHS bursary from their fifth year of study. After their fourth year of study, healthcare professionals who will be working in the NHS have an entitlement to apply for an NHS bursary. At Bristol, if you intercalated then this will cover years 4 and 5, otherwise you will receive it in year 5 only. For more information have a look under the finance section on the website.

There are two options then applying – income assessed, and non income assessed. Both of these require the same form, and the option to to opt out of income assessment is usually very well hidden (but it is there)!

Towards the end of your fourth year of study, the university will send out a letter with a personal code, which must then be entered onto the form to prove your entitlement.

Income Assessed
If applying for an income assessed loan, it is adviseable to get moving sooner rather than later. This method of applying requires a very large amount of documentation to be sent with it as proof of income and expenditure.

If successful, you will have your tuition fees paid by the NHS, as well as granted an extra amount which they determine based on your income.

Non Income Assessed
If you can find the option on the form (it’s pretty well hidden!), you can ignore the income assessment part of the form, and simply apply to have your tuition fees paid by the NHS. Bear in mind that this is not a loan – the money goes straight to the university without even entering your account.

Whether you apply for income assessed or non income assessed your main student loan will be reduced by the student loans company. At the end of the day, though, you get the same amount of money – except the NHS bit doesn’t need to be paid back!

Student Card

Many places throughout Bristol offer discounts with an NUS card- too many in fact to list here. Have a look on the NUS website for more information.

Galenicals Discounts

Our Directors have been working hard to get you all the best discounts around Bristol with your Galenicals card.  A complete list of these discounts can be found here.

Don’t forget – you can always get other discounts using your NHS ID card. A complete list of these discounts can be found here.