Hello! I’m Jess and I am your Senior Vice-President for Galenicals 2016-17. Welcome to the Clinical Years!

Heading into the Clinical Years (Years 3, 4 and 5) is an exciting time and many say this is where the real fun starts.

To the relief of many, you will be venturing outside of the lecture theatre and into the clinical environment. This is what the clinical years are all about: immersing yourself in a new learning environment, speaking to patients, being involved in their care and importantly putting into practice all your pre-clinical knowledge.

There are lots challenges that you may encounter (getting to grips with a new learning environment, getting used to self-directed learning and of course living out of Bristol in Academies). It may be overwhelming but you will no doubt come across many exciting opportunities – it is all worth it despite the occasional hard work!

The Academies are a great way to meet people within the year. You will also get to know your teaching staff and academy admin teams who are a great source of support. The clinical years are a great way to learn more about yourself including the element of self-directed learning, which gives you the space to learn in your own way.


As your welfare officer, my role is to represent and provide advice to you when and where needed. If you are having any problems at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will do my best to help with any issue and help you get the advice you need. The faculty’s student support team is also available to discuss any welfare issues. I will also be attending a number of faculty meetings to convey your views. If you have aspects of the curriculum or medical school that you may like to change or any positive feedback then do let me know!


The Foundation Vice-President and I will work together to ensure the transition from pre-clinical to clinical years is as smooth as possible. We are here to provide advice or point you in the right direction, whether it is about academies, work, or non-academic queries.

Don’t hesitate to contact me – all questions are good questions!



Your Galenicals committee will meet monthly to discuss the actions for all non-confidential matters brought to us by students and Year Reps. Year Reps are vital channels of information and have an invaluable role – why don’t you get involved and represent your year! The Year Reps will communicate with your Galenicals Committee who communicates directly with faculty staff at the student staff liaison committee (SSLC) meetings, where we raise any of your issues, as well as asking questions and gaining answers.


You will have the opportunity to become a tutor to guide pre-clinical years through the process of revising for retakes.

Last year we had numerous willing and enthusiastic student tutors from Year 3 and 4. This is a great way to refresh your knowledge and do a bit of revision as well as meeting fellow medics in the years below. If you would like to get involved why not email me [email protected]



The elective period runs between April to May, whereby you will have already completed all Year 5 assessments. Electives are a great opportunity to undertake a period of study, or clinical experience, in an area of medicine that is of particular interest to you.
Some students go abroad whilst others remain in the UK.

To help you start about your elective, we will be organising an elective fair where you will hear from numerous doctors’ elective experiences whilst gaining an insight into how to go about planning your elective.

Visit our Electives section:


We are aiming to continue running the SJT Preparation course for final year students – many students attended last year and the feedback was really positive. Keep an eye out for this year’s event on your emails and our Facebook page!


Similar to last year, we will be running an event that will provide information about becoming a Foundation Doctor. In addition, a number of representatives from organisations such as MPS, Wesleyan medical insurers and the BMA will attend to give short talks about who they are and to sign you up ready for starting your first jobs in August.

Last year students said it was an invaluable event so we want to continue this positive response!


Whether it is speaking to a fellow student (myself, a committee member or a course year rep), a member of the faculty support team or the University pastoral services, there are a variety of ways to speak to someone should you have a problem at any point during your Clinical years.
It may look like others are coping but things aren’t always as they appear: we don’t want anyone to suffer in silence.
We are all human and it is okay to ask for help when things get a little difficult.

I look forward to representing and working with you this coming year along with the rest of the Galenicals team.

Come and say hello at any point!

Jess Emerson
Galenicals Senior Vice-President 2016-17
University of Bristol Medical Student Society
[email protected]