Galenicals Lifetime Membership is available to all Bristol medical students, on any year of the course, and remains valid throughout the whole of your time in Bristol.

Lifetime Membership with Galenicals costs £60 (only £10/£12 per year!) for the duration of your 5/6 year stay. This fee goes towards discounts to various social events, access to the numerous galenicals sub-societies and funds a lot of the events that we are able to organise for your welfare.
If purchased after Medics Fresh, the price increases to £65 to cover further admin fees.

When you become a member, you will be given an exclusive Galenicals Card, giving you exclusive access to MedSoc societies and discounts with our fantastic partners and sponsors. You will also be permitted access to our guides, tips and learning resources across our site. Please note: you will be required to register separately with the Galenicals website AFTER purchasing your membership (see guidance below).


Use the button below to purchase your membership.


Membership will be required to access some areas of the website. If you have newly purchased your membership, please hover over the “Members” menu selection and click on Register Online to apply for a Galenicals website account.

PLEASE NOTE: When registering, you must use your University of Bristol username and email address in order to be approved.