Galenicals Theatre is our flourishing Drama Society with numerous acting and performance sub-societies, in which many (most) medics take part. There’s always opportunities to get something new going, too, so if you’re interested in writing or directing, keep your eye on the emails! It’s a brilliant way to make friends and meet students in other years and nearly all medics end up get involved with a show or two during their time at Bristol. We have our Galenicals Theatre society which will manage and produce our in-house productions, some of which you will find out more about below.

It’s a brilliant way to make friends and meet students in other years and most medics end up get involved with a show or two during their time at Bristol.

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The PCR is one of the most hotly anticipated events of the year. Written and performed by 1st and 2nd years, the PCR is a comedy play, aimed at making a mockery of all things pre-clinical. Previous PCR’s have included “Austin Powers; International man of Dysentery”, “Jango Unchained”, “Treviator” and “Star Wars: Attack of the Crohns”. Open to all, whether you wish to be centre stage or just helping in the wings, being involved in the PCR is a truly memorable experience! Look out for the memo during the year!


The clinical revue takes the serious and professional nature of Clinical medicine, and flips it on its head. Short satirical sketches, songs and dances create an unforgettable night of hilarity poking fun and doctors and students alike. A night not to be missed if you have any sense, and again an unforgettable experience to be involved in!


CLICENDALES is a charity dance show organised, choreographed and performed entirely by Bristol University medical students. All proceeds go to CLIC Sargent – a fantastic charity that supports young people with cancer. Last year we raised over £23,000!

The main event is a sell-out dance show at O2 Academy Bristol, to a crowd of over 1500! We will be looking for a new committee in the new academic year to help with the running of the event including sponsorship, ents and merchandise so if there’s something you are interested in, get involved! The auditions take place in November, and rehearsals begin in January. There are also numerous CLICENDALES events throughout the year, involving hundreds of medical students, and non-medics too!

Being involved in CLICENDALES provides an excellent opportunity to raise money, meet new people, and have fun at university, whilst being able to raise money for a worthwhile cause. It is the Medic Event of the year, bringing students together from years 1-6.

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday 11th March 2017

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For all you budding thespians, who accidently ended up at medical school, Medics Drama is the answer to all your worries. A small society, medics drama aim to put on 2 or 3 plays each year, often with a medical theme, and are a great showcase of medical talent. Open to anyone from any year, and certainly not to be missed by those too shy to venture into the limelight themselves!


CANCER TALES coming soon!


Monologue coming soon!

Can’t find what you want to do?

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