Galenicals Music is a huge society made up of several different ensembles suited for the musical medic of any interest, grade or level of commitment! All our ensembles are unauditioned and offer medics the chance to perform in highly achieving groups who play ambitious, fun pieces which are importantly still flexible around the busy medic’s year- a hard task for lots of the other university ensembles!

This year is set to be to filled with new and exciting events as well as the much loved traditional events we’ve come to be known by!

Contact: Eleanor Hennebry – Performing Arts Director – [email protected]


Below are some of the largest ensembles in Galenicals’ music:

Galenicals Choir

Galenicals Choir is an enthusiastic group of singers who cover a huge range of repertoire from Tallis to Queen and is a platform for soloists, composers and anyone who loves singing – so whether you read music or not, have sung before or want to try something new: come along! We perform a variety ranging from classical and choral music, to covers of the Pentatonix and we welcome all abilities and experience. We perform scratch concerts, Christmas and Easter concerts as well as getting stuck in with some of the more rollicking Medic events including the Christmas party, balls and the clinical revue.

We rehearse at St. Paul’s church on Saturdays at 5pm and this year is already set to be packed with new, ambitious and exciting events!

Galenicals Orchestra

Galenicals’ Orchestra is your chance to get stuck in with a fun, laid back and ambitious orchestra that works around the busy medic week performing a wide range of exciting works. We perform in the Christmas concert and Easter concert with plans for a scratch concert, charity fundraising and of course socials! We rehearse at St. Paul’s church on Saturdays at 4pm and in the past smaller ensembles have flourished from within the orchestra including a string quartet and a flute choir.

Can’t find what you want to do?

Get in contact with [email protected] and we’ll help you set up an ensemble or group so you can share your passion with others.