Galenicals prides itself in the way it embraces the social side of Medicine, no other society in Bristol hosts such a wide range of events. All year round the events directors host prestige events, from sophisticated balls and christmas parties to parents nights out, so you can bond with your medic family. Our only goal is to ensure the doctors of tomorrow have fun today!

We aim to make everyone times at Bristol at memorable and inclusive. Renowned medic events have become time honoured tradition at Bristol Medical school. The infamous Medic Bar Crawl is one of the most important dates in the academic diary,with all six years of the medical school getting jolly in fancy dress on one special Sunday. The Medic Spring Ball is a close contender, in fabulous locations and playing a host to amazing entertainerment from the Hornstars to fairground rides. Despite all these classics we are always trying to make sure we stay on top, trying new things and open to knew ideas. This year, for the first time ever an end of second year formal was held at bristol zoo and was a great success. With reps in every year helping our events directors we hope to organise something for everyone.

Look out for our events online and through your emails, and make sure you don’t miss out!

Contact Events Directors – follow the link below.