The DHB is a common room located within the BRI hospital. Medical students are able to hire the use of the rooms outside office hours and at weekends for the purpose of rehearsals, meetings and the like. Please use the booking system below to make a booking.

Please be advised all bookings require a trusted account to ensure validity and monitoring in hire use. See Guidance below for further details.

Booking Form Guidance

  1. Please wait for the Booking Form to load below.
  2. Select the date you wish to book a room in the DHB by clicking on ‘Date/Space Navigation’ and clicking on the date to display a calendar.
  3. Please log in when prompted using the instructions provided on your screen.
  4. Select a time slot you wish to book and drag the up/down arrows to the desired booking period.
  5. Press Book at the top of the form, or double-click on the selected slot.
  6. Fill in the Title section with the name of your society and purpose of booking.
  7. Complete any necessary notes in the Notes box. This may be required to expand upon the purpose of your booking.
  8. Press Confirm Booking. You should receive email confirmation of your booking.

NOTE: If this is your first time booking a DHB room, you will need to contact the Galenicals Webmaster to register a trusted sub-society account in order to gain access to current and future bookings.

Please provide and email the following: your name, society, email address, contact telephone number and purpose of booking to [email protected]. An account validation link and/or booking confirmation will be email to you for current and future use.

Any issues, please contact [email protected]