For many Radiology is an after thought, relegated to the periphery in Med./Surg. and briefly touched upon in MDEMO but this is not the way it shall be forever. The national requirements for F1’s are changing and a greater emphasis is now put on interpretation of CT’s and other investigations as well as CXR’s and AXR’s.

We have forged close links with members of the Junior Forum of the Royal College of Radiologists to improve Radiology teaching with central revision sessions before exams and increased levels of teaching with SpR’s.

However, making changes to the teaching programme is not our only objective; we also hope to host careers events throughout the year demonstrating what a broad, exciting, and developing speciality Radiology is.  Our first will be late in January, allowing most 3rd years to have had a glimpse a what Radiology has to offer, and will hopefully include Medical students from other Universities as well as F1’s from the local area.